About the CPD’s Activisms: Firmly committed to the sense of voluntarism and its revival and promotion among Afghans, CPD has been initiator of a number of Social Change Activisms in Afghanistan as well as involved in some others since its establishment including:

• Initiator of “10 Days of Peace Activism in Afghanistan” in partnership with Peace One Day for Global Truce 2012-13. Campaign has been organized since 2012 from 21 to 30 September each year including celebration of International Day of Peace.

CPD has joined Peace One Day since 2011 calling for a Global Truce on Peace Day 2012 in order to globally reflect the Afghan Peace efforts, to celebrate International Day of Peace every year (it has been celebrated in 2011, 2012 and 2013 that will be continued for years to come) and to help launch the 365-day countdown. In 2011, the slogan of campaign was “Peace for Justice”. Key messages of campaign were “implement peace, because God has invited you for peace”, “a nation’s happiness and eminence is in peace and justice implementation”, “human Rights implementation is the main step for peace”, “peace decreases poverty, violence and disability” and “peace is complete with justice”.

The aim of campaign is to send a clear message to Afghan government, international community and opposition that “peace cannot be attained without justice”. The past decade has showed all too clearly that trying to make peace in Afghanistan with no attention to justice does not work and that moving forward the appeasement of a few cannot be done by sacrificing the rights of all.

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• Initiator of the activism “Caravan of Change” in partnership with Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF) for expansion of the global campaign (19 Days of Activism Prevention of Abuse and Violence agaisnt Youth/Children) to Afghanistan. Campaign has been organized since 2012 from 1 to 19 November each year.

• Initiator of “Act Against Corruption – Today” campaign in Afghanistan in partnership with UNDP – UNODC as part of the global campaign. Campaign was organized from 1 to 9 December 2012 including celebration of International Anti-Corruption Day. CPD continued the campaign in 2013 as well.

• Joined Youth Service America (YSA) for Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) as the country partner of Afghanistan for 2013 and 2014; 2013 campaign was organized from 26 to 28 April through different service and service learning projects with a commitment to organize it for years to come. GYSD 2014 will be organized from 11 to 13 April.

• Collaboration with Transitional Justice Coordination Group (TJCG) as a core member involved in all activities of the group since 2010 including planning and organizing the “National Conferences on Victims Coordination and Networking” and celebration of the International Human Rights Day.

• Member of Peace for All campaign in Afghanistan and 16 days activism on Elemination of Violence Against Women (EVAW), partner of MoLSAMD in celebration of Child’s Day 2012, celebrated Environment Week 2012 in Afghanistan, involved in endorsement of the several Joint Civil Society Statements on different occasions etc.

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