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Celebration of Environment Week 16-22 Jawza 1391, 5-11 June 2012

Environment Week, which was celebrated for the first time as an initiative by Green Club Afghanistan last year, is being celebrated by a group of civil society organizations from 5 to 11 of June 2012. This event is organized voluntarily and aims to attract public attention to the problems of environment in Afghanistan. All interested in greening and environmental activities, schools, universities, government and non-governmental organizations, and international organizations are requested to support and participate in the following activities to reiterate their responsibility towards environment.

Day 1: Tuesday 5 June 2012

During the first day, the World Environment Day is celebrated by government and non-governmental national and international organizations in which addresses by high officials will delivered, documentary films shown, and quiz shows will be held. Volunteers of Environment Week will conduct: One hour no Carbon Campaign, in which city cars will be requested to turn off their engine for one hour during the day; Opening ceremony of boys’ Futsal tournament in Kabul Gymnasium and girls’ Volleyball tournament in eight different schools; campaign of awareness raising in schools; and youth and children drawing contest about environment in Jalalabad.

Day 2: Wednesday 6 June 2012

On this day a consultation about Rio+20 conference for Green Economy will be held. The event will bring government officials and civil society together to debate about a sustainable development and green economy for Afghanistan. Rio conference is being held in Rio city of Brazil on June 20-22 and in twenty years after the world’s attention has come to the fact that world population is in great danger of environmental degradation and threatens the human race.

Day 3: Thursday 7 June 2012

During the third day, volunteers of Environment Week will conduct a photo exhibition titled “Towards a Green Future ” that will exhibit photos from different photographers about environment of the Kabul and other cities of Afghanistan. The morning will be greeted with a hiking event of “Sher Darwza ” mountain, followed by a Green Debate that will include officials and youth for increasing awareness for mutual responsibilities.

Day 4: Friday 8 June 2012

Day four of this week will inform the public about importance of environment in Islam through Friday prayers in Masjids of the city. Environment Week Volunteers have prepared specific messages that will be delivered by Imams during the day. By attending the Friday prayers you can enlighten your knowledge of Islam and environment in this day. Two cycling contests of boys and girls in cooperation of Afghanistan Cycling Federation will be held with the message of “Towards a Green Future ”.

Day 5: Saturday 9 June 2012

Apart from youth and children drawing contest that will be held in Kabul, a seminar about green economy and sustainable development will also be held. The participants in this seminar will talk about strategic approaches for sustainable development plans, experiences of other countries in this regard and the challenges in reaching a green economy.

Day 6: Sunday 10 June 2012

This day is dedicated to watering the trees at your homes, streets, roads and community. If everyone while leaving their home in the morning can carry a gallon of water to water the plants on the way to office, we can cover six hundred thousand saplings and trees in one day. Please also note to preserve water as much as possible, which is very vital for Afghanistan.

Day 7: Monday 11 June 2012

The last of the week will include: Exhibition of the drawings in Share Naw Park by youth and children who had participated in drawing contest during the week; Closing ceremony of Futsal tournament and appreciation of players by Environment Week Volunteers; and finally a press conference will be held by Environment Week organizers, time and place will be announced.

For more information please contact our spokesman Mr. Naser Siddiqi, 0786667332, [email protected]

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